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About Us Introduction

Zhongji Sunward Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of CINF Engineering Co.,Ltd. (established in 1955, one of the earliest large-scale comprehensive design research units in China) and Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (the world's top 50 engineering machinery enterprise, stock code 002097) A high-tech company founded by two joint ventures .The company specializes in R&D, design and manufacturing of high-tech equipment and control automation for non-ferrous metal mining, mineral processing and smelting industries. It specializes in integrating leading mining and metallurgy processes with advanced equipment technology and intelligent technology to focus on equipment. The means significantly improve the customer's labor productivity and comprehensive recovery rate of mineral resources, and promote the precision, intelligence and green upgrade of non-ferrous metal equipment.

 The company has a complete and strong technical resources of Changsha Nonferrous Metallurgy Design and Research Institute. It has a complete collection of mining, selection and smelting. The mining, selection, smelting process technology and equipment technology, intelligent technology complement each other, the field experience is rich, the industry vision The expert team led by the open national masters, industry masters and senior engineers can provide customers with a total solution integrating process testing, design and optimization, production equipment selection, system manufacturing and upgrading.

Main styling products


Automatic stripping equipment (including automatic stripping unit, automatic cathode washing unit, automatic multi-function crane, anode trolley and anode cleaning and leveling unit), zinc cathode plate automatic conveying line, zinc casting equipment, vertical super fine Grinding machine, heat consolidation material crusher, waste lead environmental recycling equipment, lead pump, lead liquid mixing device, crude lead disc ingot unit, multi-function refining converter series for various metals.

Selection class

Countercurrent contact inflatable flotation column (CCF flotation column), CGJ series high efficiency stirring tank, cylinder washing machine, trough washing machine, spiral classifier, SWE series down-the-hole drilling rig, SWDE series arm type down-the-hole drilling rig, SWE350~470 mine energy-saving excavator, mine car, variable frequency vibration feeder, dosing machine, etc.

Environmental protection

Electrocoagulation wastewater treatment equipment (also called electrocatalytic equipment) is suitable for the treatment and recycling of mine sewage, chemical wastewater, domestic sewage, food wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, textile printing and dyeing wastewater.

The company's products, or for the independent research and development of the first, or the introduction of foreign leading products for high starting point digestion and absorption and innovation, or continuous integration and innovation in production and use, own more than 110 national patents, its performance indicators are benchmarking international advanced standards.

★ The only company in the world that can independently produce five units and control systems for zinc electrowinning workshops;

★ The only global solution provider for zinc electrowinning to zinc casting complete production equipment;

★ The only company in the world that controls the automatic stripping technology of 3.6m2-1.13m2large, medium and small plates.

Development and customization of non-shaped equipment

The company has a complete set of non-standard equipment design and manufacturing systems with complete categories of electromechanical, liquid gas, control and intelligent. Sensitive to the frontier of equipment and its automation technology, good at analyzing customer needs, specializing in solving technical equipment on-site pain points, difficulties, and various non-standard equipment development and manufacturing experience.

Provide EPC project general contracting with equipment and its supporting core as the core.

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