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  • release time: 2018 - 07 - 23
    The automatic stripping unit is a complete set of equipment for stripping, receiving, conveying, stacking, weighing, and cleaning the zinc plate on the cathode plate.· The automatic stripping unit has two types of stripping for customers to choose: the plate is not moved or the knife is not moved.· Cathode plate transfer is also available in two forms: chain mode or robot mode.
  • release time: 2018 - 07 - 24
    The cathode scrubbing unit is mainly used to thoroughly clean the cathode plate before returning the cathode plate to the electrolytic cell. The utility model is composed of a reversible washing and conveying line and a scrubbing device. The scrubbing device is arranged in the middle of the conveying line, and the two cathode plates are lifted by one washing, and the washing brush is finished by the high-speed rotating washing roller during the lifting process, and is used by the automatic stripping unit.
  • release time: 2018 - 07 - 24
    3.2m2 automatic multi-purpose crane technical parameters
    Zinc electrolysis automatic multi-purpose crane is the key equipment for automatic production of zinc electrolysis. It is mainly used for the tank and anode of the zinc electrolysis workshop, and the trough transfer between the electrolysis tank, the conveying line and the anode trolley. The function of cleaning residual electrolyte and conductive contacts on the electrode plate and finishing the plates is the core equipment of the zinc electrolysis workshop integrating machine (machine), electricity (control) and gas (moving). Our company is the first company in China to successfully develop ...
  • release time: 2018 - 07 - 24
    3.2m2 anode trolley and anode cleaning and leveling unit technical parameters1.4m2 anode cleaning and leveling unit technical specifications and performance indicatorsMain parameters of high pressure water cleaning system
    The anode car and anode cleaning leveling unit in the zinc electrolysis workshop is mainly used for the transfer, cleaning and orthopedics of the anode plate of the zinc electrolysis workshop. This equipment is one of the important equipments in the zinc electrolysis workshop. The zinc electrolysis workshop anode car and anode cleaning leveling unit is mainly composed of anode car, high pressure water cleaning system, anode cleaning and leveling machine, mechanical pretreatment equipment (optional) and so on.Our company is the first enterprise in China to successfully develop anode car and ano...
  • release time: 2018 - 07 - 24
    The zinc casting equipment developed by our company is mainly composed of three main parts: molten zinc induction furnace, ingot unit and palletizing unit. The specific equipment includes: induction furnace, casting device, double-die ingot machine, and ingot conveyor roller. , water-cooled conveyor chain, turning mechanism, zinc ingot grabbing platform, stacking robot (with special fixture), zinc ingot automatic baling device, weighing coding device, ingot conveyor. The equipment has many functions such as melting zinc, casting, ingot casting, palletizing, bundling and weighing.
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On August 7, 2018, the Western Mining Zinc Electrode Co., Ltd. newly added multi-function driving, stripping machine, scrubber, etc. (3.2m²) automatic stripping equipment acceptance meeting was successfully held in the West Mining Company Zinc Branch. The project team of Zhongji Sunward Technology Co., Ltd. was led by Liu Jinting,deputy general manager,and the Western Mining Acceptance Expert Group to attend the acceptance meeting. At the meeting, the expert group conducted a rigorous evaluation of the running performance, technical data and service training of the complete sets of e...
release time: 2018 - 08 - 08
On March 22, Zhongji Sunward Technology Co., Ltd. and Sihuan Zinc & Germanium Technology Co., Ltd. signed a supply contract for automatic stripping unit. The contract covers 1 set of 2.6m² automatic stripping machine for Shimian base (including zinc cathode automatic conveying line) and 1 set of 3.2m² automatic stripping unit of Qiansheng Base (including zinc cathode automatic conveying line). In 2017, Zhongji Sunward cooperated with Sihuan Zinc Oxide for the first time. The first development of the 2.6m² medium-pole automatic stripping unit for Hanyuan Base was success...
release time: 2018 - 04 - 03
On September 17, a delegation consisting of leaders from China Copper, Yuntong Copper, Southeast Copper, Chifeng Yuntong, Southwest Copper and Changsha Nonferrous Metals Project Co., Ltd. visited Zhongji Sunward Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongji Sunward") inspection. Accompanied by Mr. He Qinghua, the president and chairman of Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group, and the vice president of Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group and the general manager of Zhongji Sunward, Gong Jin, they visited the Sunward Intelligent Technology Center and Sunward Industrial City. ...
release time: 2017 - 09 - 19
On September 15, Yunnan Yuntong Zinc Co., Ltd.  Changsha Nonferrous Metallurgy Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Zhongji Sunward Technology Co., Ltd., signed a three-party zinc strip electroplating technology automatic stripping technology research and development and equipment supply. contract. The project is another breakthrough in the sales of the 3.2m² large plate automatic zinc stripping equipment in the western mining industry in 2017 and the automatic stripping of the four-ring zinc-bismuth 2.6m² plate in the middle of the mountain. So far, the Zhongji Sunward h...
release time: 2017 - 09 - 19
On the morning of August 24, the production and operation department of Changsha Nonferrous Metals Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. organized 20 representatives including design masters, relevant department chief engineers and chief designers to visit Sunward Intelligent and Zhongji Sunward.Vice President of Sunward Intelligent Group, Gong Jin, General Manager of Zhongji Sunward, and Liu Jinting, Deputy General Manager of Zhongji Sunward, gave a detailed introduction to the basic situation, development history, business status and future development direction of Zhongji Sunward. The vis...
release time: 2017 - 08 - 28
On the afternoon of May 27th, a group of five people from Iran’s group visited our company. Our general manager Gong Jin and deputy general manager Liu Jinting expressed warm welcome to the customers. I sincerely hope that the two sides can strengthen cooperation and common development in the field of smelting and mineral processing, and lead them to visit the industrial city and assembly and commissioning workshops. The technical upgrade of its subsidiaries made a series of discussions and reached an intention of further cooperation.Through this on-site inspection of our company, the customer...
release time: 2017 - 06 - 02
At 1:30 pm on May 3, 2017, He Qinghua, chairman of Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group, and other leaders came to the Zhonghe Sunward Research Institute for inspection and guidance.Liu Jinting, deputy general manager of Zhongji Sunward and dean of the institute, introduced to Mr. He the organization structure, business characteristics, business development model of Zhongji Sunward Nonferrous Metal Research Institute and the main work achievements and technical achievements this year. General Manager Gong Jin gave a detailed introduction to the necessity and advantages of the combination o...
release time: 2017 - 05 - 03
On March 8, Zhongji Shanhe successfully signed the supply contract for the new 2.6m2 automatic stripping unit of Hanyuan Jintai Zinc Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sihuan Zinc Technology Co., Ltd., which will provide the owner with services involving equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning,and upper construction and renovation. The successful signing of the project marks that Zhongji Sunward has completed the development of three series of zinc electrolysis automatic stripping large, medium and small plates, and has also established a leading position in the field of zin...
release time: 2017 - 04 - 26
On February 20th, Zhongji Sunward successfully won the bid for the addition of multi-functional crane, stripping machine, scrubber and other equipment technical transformation projects in the Western Mining and Zinc Branch. It will provide the owner with complete services related to equipment manufacturing, installation, civil engineering and power transformation, equipment operation and maintenance. The project is the first step in the new business model of Zhongjishanhe's equipment-led small contractor, and it has also won a good start for the production and operation of Zhongjishanhe in...
release time: 2017 - 04 - 26
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